Stoveseller's range of wood-burning stoves is extensive and comprises stoves to cover a whole variety of needs.

Whilst the natural thing would be to let your taste and the design dictate your choice, we recommend you consider a few points before you start looking at the design of the various models.



There are two different types of stove: radiant stoves and convection stoves.
The radiant stove concentrates the heat around the stove itself, while the convection stove distributes the heat out into the whole room.

The type you choose will therefore greatly depend on what you want your stove for. If you want to be warm and cozy, close to the stove; the radiant is a good choice.
If, on the other hand, the stove is also to play an effective role in heating your home as a primary heat source, you should choose a convection model.



The size of your wood-burning stove depends on the size of the area you wish to heat.

A stove that is too large can cause just as many problems as a stove that is too small.

A stove that’s too small will not be able to heat the room adequately; however, if you buy a stove that’s too big in relation to the room, you will be forever cutting the air supply to keep the room temperature down. As a result, combustion will be incomplete and soot will quickly build up on the stove window and in the chimney. In addition, the quantity of soot particles you emit into the environment will be disproportionately high.

Next to each of the stoves illustrated you will be able to see what room sizes they suit best. The room size is for guidance only as it can depend on other things such as the design and insulation  of the premises.


Stove size table


To determine the heat output required for your room, use the table above or calculate the volume of the room in cubic metres (Width x Length x Height), and divide by 14 = kW requirement (this is based on a 21° rise in the room if it was 1°C outside).


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